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Single Sun Strip Marine LED Tank Topper
Over-the-tank LED strip lights are available in a variety of lengths and colors.
Your Price: From $77.33 to $181.50

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    Marine Reef Single Sun Strips

    SeaStar's over-the-tank strip lights -- the brightest on the market --are available in three color temperatures and a variety of lengths. (See link below for detailed specifications)

    For marine reef environments, Sun Strips are designed to provide the high PAR value illumination needed to spur coral growth. They are available in a 14,000K color temperature (a mix of 10KK white and 456nm actinic blue LEDs), as well as in 456nm actinic blue alone. Standard lengths are 14", 24", 36", and 48". They are also available in both single strip and double strip models; double strips are well suited for tanks 20" and greater in depth.


    • High brightness – low energy

    • 50,000 hour long life LEDs - no color shift

    • Fabulous shimmer effect

    • Elegant trim design

    • Sturdy, corrosion resistant, powder coated aluminum housings

    • Low voltage –safer near water

    • Linkable –for expansion (24" and longer models)

    Sun Strip Specifications Sheet- Click here to download

    Sun Strip User Guide- Click here to download

    SeaStar Single Sun Strip LED Aquarium Light
    14-1-WB 14" White/Blue LED Single Strip (14KK) 11W $77.73
    14-1-B 14" Blue LED Single Strip (456nm) 11W $77.73
    24-1-WB 24" White/Blue LED Single Strip (14KK) 20W $110.00
    24-1-B 24" Blue LED Single Strip (456nm) 20W $110.00
    36-1-WB 36" White/Blue LED Single Strip (14KK) 32W $141.15
    36-1-B 36" Blue LED Single Strip (456nm) 32W $141.15
    48-1-WB 48" White/Blue LED Single Strip (14KK) 42W $181.50
    48-1-B 48" Blue LED Single Strip (456nm) 42W $181.50

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