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Podium / Task Light


Battery Powered 
m & Lectern Light

Starts Bright, Stays Bright!

See what you're saying -- Don't be caught in the dark, straining to see, the next time that you have to give a talk. Put a bright, wide beam of light right on your speaker's notes, presentation outline or speech text. 

Compact and lightweight, the Fermata podium light fits in a pocket or purse, ready to light up your notes whenever you need it. And Fermata stays bright! Fermata packs a powerful punch, producing a bright, wide beam that lights up two full pages of text with four times more light than the typical battery-operated clip-on light, without weakening as the batteries age.

Taking advantage of the latest PowerBright LED technology, the Fermata lifetime LED “light bulb” delivers full-spectrum, daylight-color temperature light --- high-contrast, low-glare illumination that makes your notes stand out and reduces eyestrain.

The Fermata folds into a small size for easily carrying in pocket, purse or attaché case and weighs just 9 ounces with batteries. Keep one in the glove compartment of your car or your brief case so it is handy whenever needed. (See below for purchasing details)

Not Just a 
Podium Light
It's a Music Light, Desk Lamp, Task Light,  Hobby Light, Camp Light, Sewing Light, Boat Light, Reading Light ....
Originally designed as a music light, the Fermata light is perfect for so many activities where a small, bright light would be handy -- particularly when there is no power available.

Standing up, or clipped to a surface, Fermata can put light where you need it, when you need it:

  • Play cards outside at night
  • Clip it under the hood to check your oil
  • Light up your sewing or needle point
  • Hangs from a curtain rod
  • Clips to a shelf
  • Sits on a table top

    What else could you do with a Fermata Light?


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Fermata Light
Fermata Light
Fermata Music Stand Light has advanced technology to stay brighter, longer. Uses 4 AA batteries.(Soft case and batteries included *within the US) See USER TESTIMONIALS
Fermata + PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
List Price: $68.75
Fermata + PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
Fermata Light and PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack with (4) Pre-charged rechargeable batteries
Fermata Light, PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack + Extra Rechargeable Batteries
List Price: $79.74
Fermata Light, PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack + Extra Rechargeable Batteries
Fermata light with PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack (4 AA rechargeable batteries with charger ) PLUS an extra set of (4) AA PKCELL rechargeable batteries.
PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
List Price: $28.98
Your Price: $19.95
You Save: $9.03 (31 %)
PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
PKCELL Charger and (4) Pre-Charged Rechargeable batteries.
PKCELL AA Rechargeable Batteries
Your Price: $11.99
PKCELL AA Rechargeable Batteries
4-Pack PKCELL 2200mAh AA Rechargeable batteries

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