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 The FERMATA portable light is an invaluable

 aid for everyday tasks such as reading, desk work, 

dining and hobbies. Powerful enough to light your 

way on an evening walk, yet light weight enough to 

clip on your belt or jacket pocket.

The Fermata clip will also hold firmly on the edge of 

a table, bedroom headboard or the binding of your 

book. Or, it can also sit on a flat surface such as a 

kitchen counter or desk. The Fermata light has a 

flexible neck so you can easily position  or point 

the light where you need it. 




ONE LED - Some products tell you the number of LEDs,

but that tells you nothing about the light being delivered. 

FERMATA uses ONE LED and produces the equivalent of 

a 25 watt bulb. That may not sound like much because

incandescent bulbs send the light in all directions.  But 

because LED is directional, it points all the light on what 

you are trying to see.  You will be amazed at how well it 

lights up your books, bills, restaurant menu and food, sewing 

and anything else that you want to see.  

SCOTOPIC effect The color spectrum of FERMATA

helps increase contrast and visibility by almost 50% over

typical incandescent or fluorescent lighting. 


Never dims – Special electronics keep the light just as bright 

whether you have fresh batteries or they are getting near the 

end of their life. (hence the musical term “FERMATA”)


BATTERIES – FERMATA runs on (4) “AA” batteries and 

was designed for the frequent user.  It has special circuitry to 

protect rechargeable batteries (NiMH), but can also run on 

regular disposable Alkalines.  In a pinch, you can even 

operate FERMATA on only (2) “AA” batteries.  






Restaurants – Two uses! Read 

the menu, and then place the 

FERMATA to shine on your 



Hobbies – Sewing, playing 

cards, stamp collecting, 

assembling models, building 

puzzles, tying fishing fly’s all 

are easier with FERMATA.  


Reading – FERMATA is the 

best read light – PERIOD!  


Walking – Lights your path to 

see walkways, curbs and after 

a walk, help get insert your key

in the lock. 



Desk Work – Perfect for 

paying bills, reading and 

writing letters, and other desk 




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