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Med/ Utility Cart Light


Battery Task Lights For 
Medical/Utility Carts


Starts Bright,Stays Bright! 


Reduce Med Dispensing Errors

See what you're doing – The Fermata Light is perfect for use on treatment and medication carts when caregivers are making evening rounds and the lights have been turned down in facility corridors. Fermata starts bright and stays bright! Fermata does not get weaker like regular battery operated lights. This cart light enables the nurse to see patient records and dispense medications more easily and with less chance of error. Great for any poorly lit area, the Fermata puts a bright, wide beam of light right on the surface of the medical or utility cart. 

Compact and lightweight, the Fermata clips to a cart's raised edge or railing or will sit flat on top.  Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Fermata extends 9" (or more) above the cart surface, producing a bright, wide beam that lights up a 24" X 18" area well.  


Don't work in the dark, straining to see, in dimly lit corridors or rooms.  

Taking advantage of the latest PowerBright LED technology, the Fermata lifetime LED “light bulb” delivers full-spectrum, daylight-color temperature light: high-contrast, low-glare illumination that makes writing and printing stand out.

The perfect portable lighting solution for:

  • Treatment carts

  • Medication carts

  • Service carts

  • Hospital carts

  • Utility carts

  • Emergency carts 

  • Crash carts

  • Handcarts

  • Pushcarts




Not Just a 
Cart Light

It's a Music Light, Desk Lamp,  Hobby Light, Camp Light, Sewing Light, Boat Light, Reading Light ....

Originally designed as a music light, the Fermata is perfect for so many activities where a small, bright light would be handy - particularly when there is no power available.

Standing up, or clipped to a surface, a Fermata can put light where you need it, when you need it:

  • Model building and other crafts

  • Sewing, needlepoint and embroidery

  • Outdoors, for grilling or card playing

  • Sits on a table-top

  • Clips to a shelf

  • Hangs from a curtain rod

  • Car maintenance or home repairs

What else could you do with a Fermata?


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Fermata Light
Fermata Light
Fermata Music Stand Light has advanced technology to stay brighter, longer. Uses 4 AA batteries.(Soft case and batteries included *within the US) See USER TESTIMONIALS
Fermata + PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
List Price: $68.75
Fermata + PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
Fermata Light and PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack with (4) Pre-charged rechargeable batteries
Fermata Light, PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack + Extra Rechargeable Batteries
List Price: $79.74
Fermata Light, PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack + Extra Rechargeable Batteries
Fermata light with PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack (4 AA rechargeable batteries with charger ) PLUS an extra set of (4) AA PKCELL rechargeable batteries.
PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
List Price: $28.98
Your Price: $19.95
You Save: $9.03 (31 %)
PKCELL Rechargeable Battery Pack
PKCELL Charger and (4) Pre-Charged Rechargeable batteries.
PKCELL AA Rechargeable Batteries
Your Price: $11.99
PKCELL AA Rechargeable Batteries
4-Pack PKCELL 2200mAh AA Rechargeable batteries

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