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Fitting Your Super GigLight onto a Manhasset Music Stand:


We specifically designed the spring clip on our new Super GigLight so it would fit  well on a Manhasset music stand. 

First, you need to place the light just off center, to the left of the struts on the back of the stand.  

Open the clip, hold the light over the stand, and slide it down so the front piece (the 'paddle') is flush against the body of the stand.  The paddle should be secure on the upper rib of the Manhasset. 


If you take a look at your light, you’ll see that there are small serrated “teeth” that run between the body of the light and the clip, on the inside. 

The thin top of the Manhasset music rest will catch on the serrated edge and prevent the light from slipping at all in either direction.


Above: View of the positioning from the front of the music stand.



Above: View of the positioning from the back of the music stand.



If you've put the light on the stand before opening it, unfold the light.  First, pull the arm back, away from you.


Second, pull the arms up and over the music stand.


Next, pull the arms forward, toward the front of the music.


Adjust the lamp head so that it is turned to the music in the way that works best for you.


Your light should look like this when placed on the stand correctly.


You can then place your sheet music over the paddle. 

(By the way, do you like my nails?)

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