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Fish Awake Deluxe

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Fish Awake Deluxe avoids startling and stressing fish when LED lights turn on by instead gently raising the light level, mimicking a sunrise. However, unlike the original Fish Awake,the new Fish Awake Deluxe is equipped with a dimmer which allows you to adjust one light strip to your desired brightness.


The Fish Awake Deluxe works with only two simple instructions.


STEP #1 Turn on power and allow 13 minutes for lights to come up to full brightness

STEP #2 Using a screw driver or small pen knife, turn the screw to desired light level


For the most natural and low-stress waking of fish and clams, set simple timer to turn on Fish Awake Deluxe 1/2 hour before other lights in tank.

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Fish Awake DELUXE
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Fish Awake DELUXE
Fish Awake plus DIMMER

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