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Fermata Light
Fermata Music Stand Light has advanced technology to stay brighter, longer. Uses 4 AA batteries.(Soft case and batteries included *within the US) See USER TESTIMONIALS

Detailed Description

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Musicians know the term "Fermata" means sustaining a note, chord or rest for an extended duration.  Our new Fermata "holds the light" unlike any other battery operated music light.  It starts bright and stays bright.

Up until now, all battery operated lights have had the same fundamental limitation.  From the moment the switch gets turned on, the amount of light produced grows dimmer and dimmer as the batteries discharge.  (After a couple of gigs on a set of batteries, our Super GigLight produces half as much light as when the batteries were fresh.)

Our new Fermata solves that problem dramatically.  After hours of playing, it still produces as much light as when it was turned on.

Fermata "holds the light" through an electronic circuit that keeps light brightness at a near constant level through most of the battery discharge.  The electronic control has High, Medium, and Low power settings, allowing the user to choose brightest light vs. longest playing time.  

Most impressive, even at the Low power setting, the Fermata produces as much or more light at nine hours of battery use than the Super GigLight did at three hours.

Whether you're conducting, playing in a symphony orchestra, string quartet, band, combo or solo, Fermata is for you if you want the light that starts bright and stays bright.


Fermata -Starts Bright, Stays Bright!


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